Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Memo to Buzz

Boy, it turns out a vote for the Conservatives isn't a vote for the separatists after all.
Montreal — Support for sovereignty dropped in Quebec in the immediate aftermath of the Conservative election victory that included a breakthrough in the province, according to a new poll.

The poll by the Montreal-based CROP firm for Montreal La Presse newspaper suggested the number of Quebeckers who supported an independent Quebec dropped to 34 per cent after the federal election from 43 per cent prior to the Jan. 23 federal election.
So here's a question. Buzz Hargrove said something ridiculous in public. He was not just ridiculous, but provably false. So who will be the first news network to announce that they will no longer solicit his opinion?

He has after all shown that his opinion isn't worth much anyway.

Any day in which only 1/3 of Quebeckers want to leave the country is a good day. And now, re-reading that sentence, I might just shoot myself in the head.

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