Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Shut Yer Piehole, We're Right

Robert is on to something here:
When the idea of arming our border guards was first pushed into mainstream discussion, I was against the idea for one simple reason. It’s an unjustifiable expense. Arming our border guards will require that they undergo a whole new level of training to be able to properly handle the firearm as well as to be able to identify when it’s appropriate to unholster and possibly use it....

Now however, I’ve changed my position soley on the basis that the border guards themselves are asking that they be armed. I worked as a carpenter for many years and one thing that always made my tasks easier was recognition of the fact that you can’t do a proper job if you don’t have the proper tools....

And this is what distinguishes the left from the right when it comes to issues like this. The left recognizes that they don’t know everything and will defer to those who actually do.... The head of Canada’s police chiefs, Jack Ewatski has once again called for the Conservatives to not scrap the federal gun registry. He asserts that it is frequently used by law enforcement officials across the country and has now become one more tool they can use to do a proper job. And true to form, the conservative pundits are claiming they possess superior knowledge when it comes to knowing whether a particular tool of the trade is of any value to our law enforcement officials.
This is hardly new, but it's worth repeating: There's a faith-based community, and a reality-based one. Pick a side.

Of course, if we asked conservatives to justify all their beliefs with something as esoteric as facts, all they'd be left with is homophobia, justified by the fact that they think it's icky.

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Clearcut Blogging said...

When you consider that these border guards are protecting us from yahoos from the Land of the Free and the Armed to the Teeth, then, yeah, give them guns. After all, they're unionized, and they have the right to run away if they don't feel safe.

But just for a minute, imagine if the army were unionized and could, say, demand better weapons, better training, etc. Maybe even have a say in what they do. Or maybe even lobby for better wages for their families.

I'm not a pro-gun person, nor a pro-military person. But I do object to the signed-up-for-slavery aspect of the military that allows governments to use them for mopping up spills.

If the border guards can get a bit of security, then soldiers need that too.

Nice post BTW.