Wednesday, January 25, 2006

We Are Not American - Nous Sommes Pas Americain

As if we needed more evidence, Monday night pointed out the divergent values between the US and Canada.

Consider again the results from the election:
Conservatives: 36.2%
Liberals: 30.2%
NDP: 17.5%
BQ: 10.5%
Green: 4.5%
Imagine, for a moment, if the Republicans only got 36.2% of the Congressional vote in the US. Almost 63% of Canadians voted for Liberal, NDP, Bloc, or Green candidates. The one unambiguously conservative party in Parliament was outvoted by Canadians by almost 2 to 1.

The Conservatives like to scream about how "liberal" or "socialist" the media, the government, etc are. I would dispute the premise - I don't think the CBC was biased against the Cons in this election at all - but even if we accept that argument, there's a perfectly good reason for it: This is not a Conservative (or conservative) country. In this country, thankfully, the inmates stay in their cells, they aren't running the asylum.

If only the Americans had our problems!

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