Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hypothetical Question

Suppose we'd had PR in this last election. A Lib-NDP-Green Coalition (a questionable proposition, I grant) would have a majority in Parliament, though none of those parties would have the largest single block - that would still be the Conservatives.

What should (not would) happen in that scenario? A government by the smallest parties in Parliament? Or a Conservative minority? I'm asking more a question of principle than a question of politics, I guess.

People with a historical knowledge of other PR systems are welcome to speculate. Of course, people without historical knowledge don't ask for my permission anyway...


LeoPetr said...

Well, one would suppose that the largest party that could gain the assent of Parliament would form the government. There would be an order of precedence by size.

Even in Canada, when a government falls on a Confidence motion, the Governor General is allowed to ask some other party leader to try to gain the assent of Parliament instead of calling an election.

Mike said...

Leo is right - that's what just happened in Germany. If the largest party cannot negotiate a governing coalition, the GG can go to the 2nd largest, etc.