Thursday, June 17, 2010

Probably like arugula

John Cole makes life worth living:
Uttering anything more complicated than “Drill, baby, drill” makes you an elitist. Apparently Obama should have grabbed his balls and said “Don’t worry, ‘Murica. We’re gittin ‘er done!”
Context here.

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Catelli said...

I was going to ask, who the hell is Mur-EE-Kah? Then I engaged the grade four portion of my brain..

Doesn't Payack realize he is advocating that the President should always talk at lower than a grade 10 level? To truly accomplish that, any person seeking the office of President should never graduate high school. Or read a book.

How dare and educated President talk at his own level of intellect!

Just proving the adage that citizens get the government they deserve, not the one they need.