Friday, May 01, 2009

Things I continue to not understand


Okay, these devices don't make any sense to me. You're still exposed to the elements, you don't go very fast, can't take it on highways, and still have to wear a stupid helmet -- stupider, in fact, than the helmet I wear. I have, going uphill, kept up with scooters in no traffic. (And I'm hardly Lance Armstrong.) In heavy traffic, I go much faster than any scooter (or for that matter, car.)

Okay, if you insist on having a motorized vehicle, I guess a scooter is better than a car. But it's not at all clear to me why a scooter is better than a bike. You're paying substantially more upfront, for the privilege of paying more later and not getting wildly more utility.

I just mention it because we had some pretty substantial rain yesterday, and I passed 3 separate scooterists who clearly looked miserable. I would too, in their position.


Anonymous said...

Would you accept that the underfunded public transportations systems frequently do not meet the needs of commuters/passengers.

They are far more environmentally benign than a car - or even a conventional motorcycle and given that I have a wonky heart, a bicycle is not part of the equation.


Canajun said...

As Anon says, not everyone has the physical ability to ride a bicycle - for a variety of reasons. And I would question whether a bicycle who's rider actually followed the rules of the road (a rarity, I know) would in fact be faster.

But all that aside, there is also the ability to carry a passenger, you don't get to work all sweaty, and the fact that they are simply fun to ride.

Anonymous said...

You got pwned, John!

Declan said...

Don't ever go to Macau, it might blow your mind...


john said...

1) Of course I'll concede that a heart condition is more than reason enough for a person to ride a scooter.

2) The post is titled "Things that I don't understand", not "Things I hate" or "Things that make you look stupid." (Except for the helmets. :) ) I'm happy to have things explained to me.

3) Those both said, I'll say the vast majority of scooter owners I've seen looked reasonably able-bodied, tho of course I'm no cardiologist.

4) If Canajun's 2nd graf is enough for you, then seriously -- knock yourself out.

Anonymous said...

Fuck a scooter. Get a moped. Outlaws of the small displacement world, we are. Lane splitting, blowing stop signs, etc. just like a bike.

PS - Fuck a bicycle too.

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