Thursday, April 30, 2009

I like my commenters My watching of TV.

Zack: Assuming it was TNG, the choice should have been clear.....

Anon: Oh god it was'nt DS9 was it!?

Don't worry everyone, it was TNG. And, in the spirit of my favourite series:

Vicki: Which episode is this?

Me: The one with the alien that turns in to the glowing energy being at the end.


Me: I should be more specific.


Zack said...

I consulted one of my co-workers - a TNG expert - and based on your incredibly vague and useless synopsis, his guess was Transfigurations, from season 3.
(Without any external reference.)

john said...

Give him a donut, he guessed right.

Anonymous said...

All bow to the nerd king!