Monday, March 09, 2009

Scenes from a bar

My friends are... odd. And consider the source of that statement. First initials only, to protect the guilty.

Scene 1:

M: Yeah, my boyfriend's a year and a bit younger than me.

J: Cradle robber, cradle robber, you're a cradle robber.

M: Did you just use a Britney Spears song to call me a cradle robber?

J: Yes. It worked well.

Scene 2:

E, talking about her boyfriend's living arrangements: Yeah, M might move in with him later in the spring. Then they'd do nothing but play WoW all day.

J: How about you, don't you want to move in?

E: Not if M's there. I don't want to to be the third wheel in that relationship.

Scene 3: (All of us running from the bar to catch a bus)

Drunken bystander: What're you runnin' for?


And the winner is...

Scene 4:

L, speaking to her husband: Real-world lesbians aren't that good-looking. Probably the hottest lesbian I know is your mom.

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Catelli said...

Probably the hottest lesbian I know is your mom.

Gotta remember that one.