Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Link dump

1) Top 10 sustainability myths.

2) Climate deniers even more isolated and sad than normal.

3) This deserves more than just a quick hit, but it's all I've got time for writing just before 1AM. Engaging, sympathetic, and quickly tells you why it's important. It's not that I want to say "YOU SHOULD READ THIS ARTICLE ABOUT DEAD BABIES IN CARS", but that's what I'm saying.

4) This one's for the nerds.


Mike said...

Yeah, but does it run Linux?

(I am a true geek - 5 digit slashdot number... ;0)

Catelli said...

That would depend on the RAID controllers (and or Video card, if its ATI, eek!) he used. The drives themselves are SATA, so Linux should have no issues running from them.

Partisan Hobo said...

Here's another one for your isolated and sad comment.