Sunday, January 18, 2009

Conversations with the fiancée when you're drunk

Setting: After a birthday party with many high school friends.

Me: Did you know that [A] was my high school crush?

Vicki: That's okay, she's cute and she likes Star Wars and Star Trek.

Me: No, you're thinking of [B-with-similar-sounding-name].

Vicki: Oh.

Me: But those are your standards for acceptable women?

Vicki: Uh, yeah.

Me: I love you so much.


Me: Man, you've just been saying crazy things since we got out of the taxi cab.

Vicki: We took the bus home.

Me: Shit.


Christian said...

lol, just don't ever call Vicki, using A's name, cuz it could get ugly.... I've heard

Zack said...

I hear you broke Mark's thumb. Well done!