Thursday, December 18, 2008


Somehow, I can't get outraged at Obama's pick for America's Pastor. I mean, I find Warren's hypocrisy and bigot-but-not-in-a-bigoted-way schtick outrageous, but what else did we really expect from Obama? I refer you to what I wrote when I first decided that Obama was the candidate I least wanted to lose:
So I'm left with Obama. Squishy, vague, homophobe-coddling, coal-supporting Obama. Right on the war -- and that earns him so much from me, much more than Edwards' learning curve -- but wrong on a lot of other things. But not a Clinton, and seems the best suited to actually grow the ranks of the Democratic Party.
I've been more and less enthusiastic about Obama since, but I think my first take on him was fundamentally correct. People who supported Obama thinking they'd get 4-8 years of a dude stomping on right-wing faces supported the wrong guy. It's not Obama's character and it's not his politics. He seems to get along with Warren, and thinks he can help bridge divides. I think that's naive, and I think he'll learn otherwise quickly. But for now, yes, we get a man who thinks legalized gay marriage leads inevitably to statutory rape in the streets delivering the invocation at the inauguration of Barack Obama. Who's all about hope and change and shit.


Mike said...

I believe Warren was picked by congress,not Obama.

Throwing a bone to the religious idiots, to placate them.

Hoepfully it works, though I've never seen anything that would placate those fundamentalist boobs.

Steve Muhlberger said...

Obama's enthusiasm for more troops in Afghanistan should tell you a lot -- mainly that any successful presidential contender has to have somebody he's willing to bomb. Even as the money for all that jet fuel begins to run out.

ml johnstone said...

I wouldn't let this one go if I was an American. Now they have 2 Christians at both ends of the program.
One could look at it in a symbolic with the old Bush regime element and moves to the more leftist human rights affirmation with the final Reverend....but I think an organized protest against Warren is still in order. Its not just the gay community disturbed by this. Progressive Christians are too.
I suggest they ask a First Nations rep to give the opening prayer.