Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards out

I'm kind of sad that John Edwards has left the race. Oh sure, Sens. Obama and Clinton have pledged to put poverty at the front of their campaigns, but, well, let's just say that the last Democratic President who actually seemed to care about Poverty in a meaningful sense left office before I was born. Hell, he left office before my father was old enough to vote for him...

More than that, Edwards was the one candidate who I could reasonably say was a "good candidate" for me as opposed to a "least-bad". I can't reasonably advocate on Clinton's behalf, given that her supporters literally are trying to bill her as "Bill, but more so." Sorry, I actually do remember the Clinton presidency, and that won't cut it again.

So I'm left with Obama. Squishy, vague, homophobe-coddling, coal-supporting Obama. Right on the war -- and that earns him so much from me, much more than Edwards' learning curve -- but wrong on a lot of other things. But not a Clinton, and seems the best suited to actually grow the ranks of the Democratic Party.

People say that Clinton is the best suited to win in November. Bullshit. Any of the top 3 (now top 2) could win in November. There's too many intangibles between now and then to make a serious argument about "electability" for or against any of the candidates. As for the assertion that her tough campaigning against Obama shows that she can take it to the GOP, well, her GOP opponent in 2000 lost specifically because of his tough campaigning style. It is, in fact, possible to die by the sword.

There's the obvious point that Clinton personally will serve to energize the GOP base (who basically see her as having horns and a tail.) Isn't it worth pointing out that the polling shows the best matchup for November is Obama v. Romney? (Admittedly, the numbers are close -- but whose numbers have the potential to grow more, Clinton or Obama?) Not the position you want to be in during an election -- it looks suspiciously like 2004.

I'm hoping that between the Kennedy and Sebelius endorsements, on top of Edwards' departure, Obama comes out well after Super Tuesday. Frankly, I think the alternative is unsettling.

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