Friday, August 08, 2008

Not cool

Fucking Rogers. My Internet access has been spotty, and I was writing a post about Russia invading Georgia on blogger. When the Internet went down, Blogger stopped autosaving, and of course something decided now was the perfect time to hang my laptop. So poof, 30 minutes worth of work down the tubes.

The short version is: I have no particular expertise on this matter, but it makes me think of season seven of Star Trek TNG. The post was awesome, and now none of you will read it because I can't be bothered to re-write it.

So the household is, in a related matter, talking about abandoning Rogers for some DSL provider -- hopefully, non-Bell. Anyone have suggestions for DSL ISPs in Toronto?


Devin Johnston said...

I've taken to writing posts offline in a blog-oriented text editor. This also makes proofreading and spellchecking easier. When the post is done, I copy n' paste the xhtml markup directly into my online editor. I've had this happen to me too many times to continue writing in an online environment.

Catelli said...

A buddy of mine just raves about his service with Execulink.

He's a (very good) white-hat hacker that needs reliable service without ISP filtering to conduct his tests.

Access speeds are great, and no obvious traffic throttling that he's been able to detect.

Joe said...

I heard Teksavvy is a good provider. Knowledgeble support staff and friendly customer service.