Friday, August 08, 2008

Historical document

FDR, in his first state of the union address after Pearl Harbor:
If any of our enemies, from Europe or from Asia, attempt long-range raids by "suicide" squadrons of bombing planes, they will do so only in the hope of terrorizing our people and disrupting our morale. Our people are not afraid of that. We know that we may have to pay a heavy price for freedom. We will pay this price with a will. Whatever the price, it is a thousand times worth it. No matter what our enemies, in their desperation, may attempt to do to us- we will say, as the people of London have said, "We can take it." And what's more we can give it back and we will give it back—with compound interest.
Who were these people, who shrugged off the threat of suicide bombers with barely a tremor? Who were these people, who reacted to the challenge of literally rebuilding the world with a moments hesitation before putting their backs in to it? And, you know, could we ask them to help a brother out again?

Read the whole speech.

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