Wednesday, April 23, 2008

See, I can blame economists for anything

Dairy shortages in Japan.

Rye (wheat!!!) shortages in the US.

Is neoliberal policy to blame
? Before he found religion, I used to say that Jeff Sachs was responsible for more damage to the Russian economy than Operation Barbarossa. I'd like to see more discussion of the role that US-led, "Washington consensus"-style ravages had in creating this latest disaster. I think at this point we can fairly say that, given how "sticky" the agricultural markets are (you can't quickly put new land to plow, nor can you simply buy more dairy cows) there's a clear and present need to keep grain stockpiles. Except, of course, we seem to have put a lot of effort to get rid of them all.

Pop Quiz: Has the imperialist strain of neoliberal economics ever, anywhere, done anything that didn't involved shortening people's lifespans? Just curious.

Oh, and I realize something of note happened in a Rust-belt state in the US somewhere. But I'm gonna try and go cold turkey on the whole primary thing, at least for a little while. My resolution -- contingent on something worthwhile happening -- is to not write a word about the primary until after Indiana and North Carolina, at least.

The global food situation is in meltdown, energy prices are acting like homesick angels, and oh by the way our Prime Minister and the party he governs may have broken federal law to win the last election. And if none of that interests you, there's still this whole "catastrophic global climate change" thing we have to deal with.

So: Barack, Hillary, who cares at this point?

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