Friday, April 25, 2008

Kinda sorta breaking my word

So, why the self-imposed abstinence from primary blogging? Basically, the nutty things people email me about each other's candidate. I seem to have ended up on a whole bunch of anti-Obama mailing lists, so the following examples are all about him, but I'm certain Obama people have been saying, writing, and thinking equally stupid things.

1) Obama flipped Clinton off. No, he didn't. Don't be a jackass.

2) Obama's flipping-off-of-Clinton demonstrates that he disrespects women like all gang culture. No, it doesn't. Don't be a racist.

3) When Keith Olbermann said the primary should be settled in a locked room, and that only one candidate should walk out, he wasn't calling for Hillary Clinton to be beaten to death. See clause 3 of article 1, above.

I'm not providing links or citations to any of these claims, because I really hope when the primary is over, we can all go back to bashing McCain. Until then, the next time you read about the Primary at this blog should be after Indiana, at the very least.

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