Tuesday, May 15, 2007

God bless the blogosphere

Here's a connection I would have never made on my own:
There are 9672 homes for sale in California's mosquito-plagued Sacramento and Yolo counties. Around 1400 have swimming pools. Many of them are not being properly maintained while they sit on the market, and mosquitos are beginning to breed in their algae-infested waters like, well, flies. This is raising fears of a particularly virulent West Nile season.
In a million years, I don't think I would have thought, "Boy, this crappy housing market is going to be a boon for the Anopheles Mosquito."

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Dave said...

Don't mean to be pedantic but I think the concern is Culex mosquitos. Anopheles is a malaria vector.

Good catch, by the way. Who would have thought?