Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Falwell's dead

Like many other deaths, I'll see this one with a simple "noted without regret." I'm not one to wish a painful death on people, and the news reports I've seen so far indicate that his passing was quick. In the meantime, he lived a long, prosperous, influential life and I don't think anyone close to him needs to feel cheated. Those of us who disagreed with his views, on the other hand, can keep up the work of opposing his views more civilly and with less rancor than he did.


Chester N. Scoville said...

Indeed. There's no point anymore in being angry at the man, since the man no longer exists. The important thing is, as you say, to keep resisting his ideas and their harmful effects.

Jumpin' Joan Flash said...

I'm going to archive this as an example of a classy response to a death one can't credibly claim to regret.