Friday, February 02, 2007

Does nobody learn anything, ever?

A good point by Ezra about Hillary Clinton and John Edwards:
Just because a Democrat claims to have learned the lessons of Iraq, just because they now oppose this war, doesn't mean they've learned the same lessons the anti-war movement imagines they've learned. This war can be opposed on grounds so limited as to hold little bearing on a similar, subsequent conflict, say with a country that's a typo of "Iraq."
Two of the leading Democratic contenders -- having both abandoned the Iraqi crusade more or less -- are still so bamboozled by the Bush Administration that they've been very hawkish about Iran. Argh.

Ezra names his lessons from the Iraq War:
The lesson I've taken, by contrast, is that toppling Middle Eastern governments, occupying their societies, and trying to impose pluralistic democracy is an almost impossible endeavor, one with far more potential for catastrophe than completion.
How about this one: George W. Bush cannot be trusted, on any matter, under any circumstances. More generally applicable, and relevant to this very day.

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Technetium said...

hehe.. I thought you talking about Ezra Levant at first, then that first sip of coffee hit (Timmy's of course! ;)