Sunday, December 03, 2006

That didn't last long

But remember everybody, Dion is hated in Quebec:
In Dion's home province, 62 per cent found Dion a good choice while 29 per cent said he was a poor one.
Is there ever anything, at any time, that the media can't get wrong?

Good news for the Liberals in this poll - Dion's given them a bump ahead of the Conservatives. Even better for them here:
In Ontario, the Liberals experienced a 12-point jump, going from 36 per cent to 48 per cent. The Tories dropped a point to 32 per cent. However, in Quebec and the West, the Liberal's numbers were flat.
So Dion hasn't hurt them in the West or in Quebec as many have predicted, and he's increased their vote in Canada's most vote-rich region. Imagine what'll happen when he actually does something.

Boy, if the Liberals can just raise some money we might have a ball game.

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wilson61 said...

I think Strategic Council took that poll from the floor of the Liberal convention...