Monday, December 04, 2006

The only worthwhile thing on the Star opinion pages today

Scott Reid, despite being a Liberal hack, is nonetheless right when he writes:
The political elites of Quebec are already bleating that Dion's triumph is a disaster for the Liberals. Arguing that he'll never be accepted by Quebec voters, they say Dion hands Harper an opportunity to establish the Conservatives as the leading federalist presence against the separatist Bloc.

The elites are wrong.
Look, anyone who can do basic addition and division will understand that the Liberals have to do relatively little to make it back in to government - a modest bounce in Quebec and Ontario could give them a minority, which if you believe the Strategic Counsel poll, Dion may already have given them.

As a general rule, the Liberals historically have to do very little to retain or regain power in Canadian politics. A strongly pro-environment, Afghanistan-skeptical francophone Liberal? Please.

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