Friday, December 01, 2006

Slow learners

LONDON (AP) - British Prime Minister Tony Blair's close relationship with President George W. Bush is "totally one-sided" and has given Britain no leverage over U.S. foreign policy, a U.S. State Department official said in a British newspaper report.

The Times of London said Thursday that Kendall Myers told an audience in Washington that Britain's role as a bridge between the United States and Europe is "disappearing before our eyes."

Myers, a senior U.S. State Department analyst, said despite British attempts to influence U.S. policy, "we typically ignore them and take no notice - it's a sad business."

Myers made the remarks Tuesday at an academic seminar on the U.S.-British relationship at Johns Hopkins University's Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, the newspaper said.

Myers said the transatlantic relationship "was a one-sided relationship that was entered into with open eyes...There was nothing."

"There was no payback, no sense of reciprocity."
This is the fundamental problem with the oft-heard Canadian cliche that the Canadian government must, above all, retain good relationships with the American government. Remember Paul Martin's people saying over and over that he would have a better relationship with Bush than Chretien did? Note Michael Ignatieff's constant refrain that he refuses to engage in anti-Americanism for political gain?

Well guess what: the "costs" of anti-Americanism have to be judged in relation the the "benefits" of a pro-American stance. The benefits of pro-Americanism are basically zero at this point, especially for a country like Canada. The costs, therefore, have to be small if any.

Be nice if one of our political leadership wised up to that fact some day.

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croghan27 said...

I see that Dow Jones is withdrawing its' four reporters from Canada.

It is not only the US government that sees us as an adjunct.

Nice to know that we in the branch plant can be trusted to follow company orders all by ourselves.