Friday, July 14, 2006


At Tapped, Matt Yglesias writes:
I don't think any of the major powers want to see a big regional war. The G8 summit is a good opportunity for the major powers to recommit themselves to establishing Beirut's effective control over the south of the country vis-a-vis Hezbollah and Israel alike.
Which Washington, exactly, has he been living in for the last five years? Of course elements of Bush's team want a wider mideast war - that's been the point all along. Those elements, it needn't be said, are the same ones who are still most in charge - Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice.

It's telling that the only thing the US has managed to say that it definitely doesn't want Israel to do is undermine the Beirut government (Bush's only precious foreign policy "success".) The sentiment is appreciated, but would be more meaningful if Israel wasn't bombing Beirut right now.

And I'm starting to feel more and more confident in my paranoia from earlier. People keep talking up the Syrian and Iranian connection, and so far not a single piece of evidence that either country aided or abetted these attacks has been presented. (Yes, aside from general Iranian and Syrian support.)

Now, Hezbollah pretty obviously has some new friends if they can hit Haifa, but until I see some proof, we all need to calm this shit down. Meanwhile, it looks like there should be at least some maneuvering room diplomatically - if the US will step up to the plate for God's sake:
So there's all the makings of a possible diplomatic resolution to this crisis. It at least needs to be tried. But the Bush administration is doing nothing. No leadership. No signs that it wants to try to hold Israel back. Nothing. Why? Because region-wide war in the Middle East and outright chaos is the goal? It's certainly beginning to look like that.
This is one of those times where I say please, please, PLEASE let my cynicism about the Bush administration be proven wrong. Of course, the last five years have been good for cynics.

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