Monday, July 17, 2006

Superman IS a dick!

Dave at Gristmill is having fun:
In the movie, he goes up into space, uses his super-hearing to locate some trouble, and then shoots down to earth to ... prevent a bank robbery.

Dude. Think a little bigger, would you? How about helping humanity find a clean, unlimited source of power? How about speeding around India and China, delivering simple solar cookers to peasants so they can stop burning wood and charcoal? How about sucking some CO2 out of the atmosphere? How about building fast, clean, high-speed rail infrastructure for every country on the planet? How about rounding up and destroying all the world's nuclear weapons?

Given Superman's power and knowledge, the fact that he spends his time foiling petty crimes -- and shows favoritism to one country, and particularly one woman (Lois Lane) -- means that he is, in practice, incredibly evil.
Somebody obviously hasn't read Alex Ross' Superman: Peace on Earth, where Superman hand-delivers food to the needy. Shame on you, Dave, for casting aspersion on Superman, just because you don't have my higher-order geekiness!

That said, Superman should totally make the knowledge of the fortress of solitude available in some form of Open Source licensing. Also, I want a pony.

(Post title from here, if you haven't seen it already.)

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Flocons said...

Superman saves people from bank robbers and falling objects as opposed to global warming because he's a hands-on type of guy who wants to be on the front lines.

Now if you want enviromentalism, that stuff is really Aquaman or Hawkman's sort of thing... Yeah, it's pretty terrible, I must admit.