Monday, July 31, 2006

New Post up on Gristmill

My latest is up there, and this one is about the perils of carbon sequestration, and why junkies don't need to be bargained with. I get a kick out of showing the punch line without letting you know the rest of it*, so here it is:
Addicts of all sorts find innumerable excuses for why they can't quit their habits. (Anybody who's been to an intervention can attest to that.) But at the root is a stubborn refusal to admit that yes, it's a problem, and yes, it's hurting people. Jaccard -- and his numerous followers -- want to pretend that it's not our addiction that's the problem, just the occasional mess it makes.

Or, to put it more bluntly: Our society is currently reaping the consequences of our fossil fuel addiction, flopping around on a bathroom floor with a syringe in our arm and a dirty spoon nearby. And Jaccard thinks all we need is a mop.
*I'm a sucker for well-written non-linear storytelling, so consider this my homage to Memento.

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