Monday, July 31, 2006

Further Perils to CO2 Sequestration

There's a post at Treehugger that simply destroys the idea of CO2 sequestration, quoting heavily from Tim Flannery's The Weather Makers:
All of this suggests that the best case scenario for geosequestration is that it will play a small role (at most perhaps 10 per cent by 2050) in the world's energy future.

Because action is needed now to combat climate change, both the public and the marketplace need to see proof of geosequestration's potential. Big coal should already be building trial coal gasification plants with geosequestration as a test of the economic and technological viability of their approach. Yet, despite offers of government assistance, very little is happening with geosequestration. [...] Imagine the cost of building the new generation coal gasification power plants, the separation, storage, pipelines, compressors and injection wells.
For more Flannery goodness, listen to this MP3 of his interview on NPR.

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