Monday, February 13, 2006

Who Gave Cheney A Gun?

Seriously, who in their right mind gives a pallid, fragile, 5-time heart attack victim a gun? Even if he wasn't the incarnation of evil, he'd still have no business holding a firearm.

(Leaving aside for the moment my conviction that almost nobody has any business holding a gun...)

Reasonable people can disagree on the morality of hunting for sport, but canned hunting (where the animals are raised in cages, tame, and basically shot just to give rich guys a moving target) are far more widely detested, even (especially?) among actual, you know, hunters. This wasn't a hunting party. This was a "let's splatter us some birds, cuz it's soooo kewl" party.

Is it funny that someone got shot on one of these canned hunts? Not really. Is it poetic justice? You betcha.

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Flocons said...

Your thoughts on hunting are the same as mine. One of my favorite shows is Realtree Outdoors. It's a show for hunters as you described, who buy camo gear, laser scopes, scent sprays, and all sorts of fancy gizmos to kill wildlife in an enclosed reserve.

It's terrible that I watch it, but it's like watching a car crash, with the sad sad hunters being the car crash. Despite all this gear to outwit a deer or a turkey, they will often miss or still mess up.

The scary irony is that they "respect the beauty of the animals" even though they've decided to spend the weekend shooting at them for fun.

I think that Cheney is on the right track though... redneck hunters should be hunting down other redneck hunters. It's a fair fight, and in the end, everybody benefits.