Saturday, February 11, 2006

Roundhouse Kick vs. 9mm

Chuck Norris vs. Jack Bauer of "24":
Chuck is sidestepping his way across the floor of the warehouse, attention drawn straight ahead. As he is making slow deliberate steps, he mistakenly kicks a loose metal pipe that is lying on the floor. It echoes throughout the warehouse and exposes his presence. Jack trains his cameras on Chuck and triangulates his exact location.

Using a small shaped charge, Jack blows a hole in the duct he is hiding in and drops through the ceiling suspended by a single rope.

Chuck dives for cover.

The two both start shooting at each other. Chuck is using a revolver and somehow manages to get 35 rounds off. Jack returns fire, and after running out of rounds throws his weapon away and pulls out a back up and continues to shoot.

After some time both come the realization that bullets have no affect on either of them.


Anonymous said...

Wow, pointless nerdy fun!

Max said...

Have you seen that video of the 9mm round fired at the katana blade? If you haven't, check it out on Google video. The commentary's all in Japanese, or maybe Chinese, or Korean, or somesuch. Regardless, it's way cool.

But not as cool as Chuck.