Wednesday, January 18, 2006

No, It Must Be TERROR Sweat

So Paul Martin approves of this:
"(Harper's) view of the country is a separatist view that doesn't have a strong federal government. A strong federal government is what makes Canada the country it is."...

"I would urge them to stop Stephen Harper in any way they can," he said, adding that Canada will be a "meaner place for most Canadians" with Harper as leader....

"Mr. Hargrove, who's one of Mr. Martin's key campaign supporters, is now urging people to vote for the Bloc -- and I wonder what Mr. Martin thinks of that," said Harper.
Buzz Hargrove, today. With Paul Martin beside him.

We've gone from "a vote for the NDP is a vote for Stephen Harper" to "a vote for Stephen Harper is a vote for the Bloc" to "a vote for the Bloc is a vote for national unity." Morons.

We're through the looking glass here. And Hargrove is hurting the NDP and the labour movement, not to mention the country. ANY vote against the Bloc is a good thing for Quebec and for Canada, and Hargrove can only justify his statements through idiotic contortions.

To be clear: I disagree with Harper's views on federal power, but whatever he does in the next few years, this country will survive it. Harper - as he's recently admitted - will be too boxed in by the Courts and the Senate to do irreversible harm to this country. I think the country will be a worse place with PM Harper, but the country will endure.

One side note - the NDP should abandon it's formal ties with the labor movement. Unions are unable to deliver the votes for the NDP, and now the most prominent labor leader in the country is fluffing for the Liberals. The NDP has nothing left to gain from the special voting rights they give the labour unions.

A few weeks ago, Skippy wrote that "Paul Martin's carcass is so foul that even the vultures stay upwind." At the time I thought it was a bit harsh (albeit fun to read.) I'm less and less charitably inclined to these people every day.

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Mike said...

With the Liberals campaigning like that, its a wonder how they can keep a striaght face.

I'm sure glad Buzz is on their side this time. We don't need his kind of "help"...