Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I Don't Get It

Okay, another blogger has written about the Straussians, the neoconservatives who have a profoundly disturbing view of society:
Strauss's philospohy is repugnant and deeply anti-democratic. Through the Straussian lens, citizens are seen as too ignorant and generally unfit to take part in governance. People, Strauss believed, were not qualified to pass judgment on how to govern, and therefore must be manipulated by a ruling elite in order to achieve government goals.
But here's what I don't get. Straussians believe:
a) Most people are idiots.

b) Straussians want power. In a democratic state, this means winning elections. Preferably with a majority of the vote.
Ergo, Straussian-ism is only fit for idiots?

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