Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Look Away, Citizens

Boy, it's a good thing there's no chance this will become an election issue. Nope, no chance whatsoever:
A Quebec judge has lifted a number of restrictions placed on schoolgirls' killer Karla Homolka following her release.

In a decision released early Wednesday, Quebec Superior Court Justice Jean Beaulieu struck down eight of the conditions, which had been applied under Section 810 of the Criminal Code....

Conditions related to issues like keeping the peace and reporting to police were kept in place under Wednesday's ruling.

However, the judge struck down restrictions preventing her from contacting violent criminals and working places where she would be in authority over children under 16 as well as those ordering her to take therapy from certain therapists and provide a DNA sample.
So... this is bound to be a plus for someone. I'm guessing the Conservatives get a bump in the polls.

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