Thursday, July 28, 2005


Al Gore just got Atrios' endorsement for 2008 - shortly after Matthew Yglesias'. Gee, if this keeps up, Al Gore could have the all-important (sarcasm alert!) blogistan endorsement by dinnertime!

One note, though: If Al Gore, circa 2000 shows up, I'm voting Green. If Al Gore, circa 2002-present shows up to kick some ass and take names, then I'm moving to Iowa for 2007.

Of course, I'd really, really, really hope that this is the only way in which Al Gore imitates the career of Richard Nixon.


LeoPetr said...

A US-sponsored right-wing coup in Venezuela ordered by the Gore Administration would be amusing in a depressing way.

Battlepanda said...

Oh oh. Al Gore better shape up before he loses the canadian blogger vote.