Thursday, July 28, 2005

Speaking of Lies

Ah, the Pentagon. Is there a place in this universe more amoral and immoral, more corrupt and careless, more of a cesspool? Outside of the event horizon of a black hole, I honestly can't think of a single place in the universe where bright light more fears to tread.

First, we get the logical corollary to the press lying for the military - the military lying to the press. Billmon has more. What's really funny his how bad the lie is - I mean, if you're going to fabricate quotes, don't use the same one twice! I've known first-year undergrads who plagiarize better than this. And not at the cost of $1 billion a week, neither.

Second, the Pentagon continues to refuse to release records of the abuse at Abu Ghraib, which allegedly contains video of young Iraqis being raped by US soldiers. Good work!

Finally, Bush has threatened to veto any law - including the current military spending bill in Congress - that limits his power to torture people without due process.

Sweet Jesus it must be hard to wake up a Republican. I'm tempted to scream "How did it come to this?" but I'm afraid of the answer.

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