Sunday, February 27, 2005

I Wish I Were An Oscar Meyer Weiner...

So, apparently, when one has a blog, the thing to do is make Oscar predictions. Well, seeing as I don't care much, I've already blown my opportunity - we're already well in to it.

Two things: Chris Rock had a decent intro. Of course, now I have to read all the right-wingers complaining about his Bush Hatred.

Also, is Beyonce Knowles the only woman left in SAG who can sing? I mean, if Buffy was able to put together a musical episode, surely we can let poor Beyonce rest a little.

Very well - one prediction. Leo DiCaprio will not win best actor. Because he's Leonardo friggin DiCaprio, people. I could be nominated for the presentation on Communications I'm giving wednesday, and I'd get more votes at the Oscars than Leo will get.

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