Saturday, December 18, 2004

What? You mean I missed horrible terrifying news?

Old one that I just dug up - "Pakistan-Saudi Trade Nuke Tech For Oil"

That's right everyone, the country that produced Osama Bin Laden - don't forget ladies, he's still available! - now wants nuclear weapons, and looks like it's liable to get them. So between Iran, SA, and Pakistan, Israel is going to be outnumbered 3 hostile nuclear-armed regimes to its one. Boy... nothing could possibly go wrong here.

Of course, even if the Israeli question is ignored for a moment, we've now got three regimes which have rather tenuous grasps on power, and in the case of Pakistan and SA, are likely to be replaced by regimes which are even more hostile to us in the future. And now, at least in part because of the US's criminal negligience on non-proliferation (and the Bush administrations' particular friendship with Pakistan's current dictatorship) all three of these countries (and how many more?) will have some of the most destructive power available.

You know, during one of his speeches, Robert Heinlein predicited their would be nuclear wars, and there would be survivors. He was booed, but these days I can't help but hope he was right. If you want a particularly terrifying view of the possibilities of where we might be headed, read the fictional - but well-researched - Total War 2006. Spoiler - it's not a happy ending. Very not happy.

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