Wednesday, December 15, 2004

What We're Up Against, II

Alternative Title: Wow.... I mean, just wow....

For those who don't follow the trials of evolution in the US - or, as they so cutely call it, "Darwinism" - one of the lead proponents of mandated-creationism has been the Discovery institute. The most recent complaint has even them scared, according to Chris Mooney. But the thing that creeped me out was this quote:

At a public meeting of the Dover School Board on June 14, 2004, in further discussion of the new biology book, Mr. Buckingham stated, "Two thousand years ago, someone died on a cross. Can't someone take a stand for him?"

Who is Mr. Buckingham? Preacher, you say? Wrong. Concerned church-goer, you say? Wrong again. Chair of the school board's Curriculum Committee, you say? You're our new champion! Even more frightening, this was in a discussion about a biology textbook. That's right, it's no longer enough to put the book of Genesis in the classroom, we have to put the New Testament there too! Because Jesus was all about the naming and the "Fiat"s.

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