Wednesday, December 15, 2004

West Wing tonight

Well, this was I think the third episode they've done about crap falling from the sky. Oh, yeah, and the president's a cripple.

One note: There was a moment when the President of China said China was making the transition towards a "capitalist" economy. Now, I know this might be a hard concept for the well-paid writers of the West Wing to grasp, so I'll spell it out very clearly for them:


No Communist Chinese president, premier, general, or mayor would ever claim that China was moving towards "capitalism". IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. The CCP has invented all sorts of clever phrases to disguise the reality, of which the current one is (I believe) Market Socialism. You see, mister West Wing writer man, the Chinese Communists, like all communists really, don't have a positive association with the word "capitalist". They're quirky that way. Chairman Mao once went so far as to say that global thermonuclear war would be preferable to allowing capitalism to survive. So, umm, maybe we could have caught that one before it made it to air? I'm just sayin.


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