Wednesday, December 22, 2004

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2004 Fourth Hottest Since Records Began

What were the top 3? 2003, 2002, and 1998.

Now, the sad thing is that I don't think Climate Change is really going to work as a way of selling the coming changes to our economy. The effects are going to be to diffuse and gradual for us to really identify climate change as a causal factor. More than a thousand people died in a freak heat wave last summer in France, and England saw it's first day to top 100 degrees Fahrenheit ever, but people in North America still don't seem to buy it.

We're probably going to need to work on the other side of the argument - oil, natural gas, and coal all have their own costs, and we're using them all up fast enough to make alternatives necessary.

Either way, in twenty years some of us will have been right, and the rest will have been usfeul idiots, as Lenin called them.

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