Wednesday, December 22, 2004

This is the best story I've read in a while...

"Sex Tape on Internet Roils Indian Public"

It's got everything, seriously. First, notice the obviously obsolete reference to "tape" on the Internet. Up next, someone at the AP will talk about a horseless carriage.

Secondly, the so-called tape is a sex act between two teenagers that was captured by the young man using his cellphone. That he did this and it has now caused an uproar in Indian society is a warning to all of us who might have thought about recording our various exploits - don't do it, no matter how cool your cellphone is!

Thirdly, the whole video lasts under three minutes. Now, I'm not saying that's brief, but I hope that boy learns some discipline....

Finally, and more interestingly, is the generational conflict it has spurred. The parents are apparently appalled that their 17-year olds are Having The Sex. Well, I guess nobody wants to find that out. Certainly, nobody wants to find out by seeing little Johnny (or insert hindu equivalent name) getting blown on the evening news. Chalk up another victory against the bastions of conservatism for the mass media. Nothing hurts quite like reality, even if it's got a lousy framerate.

Amusingly enough, the young girl's parents have sent her to Canada. Apparently, our foreign affairs people in India have advertised us as an teenage sex-free zone. Everyone, conceal your laughter until she spends some valuable currency here!

(Gotta love that valuable Indian Rupee!)

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