Tuesday, March 30, 2010


  • Not sure what I think about this.
  • Hillary and Barack: all is forgiven!
  • While I'm linking to pictures, Michelle Obama continues to be teh hawtness.
  • Creating algae blooms to suck up CO2 could poison the ocean. We should totally keep emitting CO2, because geoengineering will be both cheap and consequence-free.
  • An article about the new Scramble for Africa that doesn't portray China as the sole villain. Amazing!
  • This would ideally deserve a longer post, but in brief: No, Ross Douthat, I don't particularly think clerical celibacy has much to do with the pattern of child abuse in the Church. I do, however, think the church's culture of impunity and unaccountability might have something to do with it. So stop blaming "The permissive sexual culture that prevailed everywhere, seminaries included, during the silly season of the ’70s", you fucking douchebag tool.

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croghan27 said...

Must agree with you about ROSS DOUTHAT. I was in university in the, supposidly, 'swinging' 60s and the largest clubs on campus were:

Hockey supporters
The Rubby Club (they held the beast parties).

This whole liberal and liberating 60s thing has been and is a chimera - a media creation with no real basis.