Wednesday, January 13, 2010

That's a shame

Boy, NBC really shit the bed with this whole Leno/Conan thing.

Consider: a struggling (dying, even) industrial titan tries to hold on to market share by riding a legacy asset all the way to the bottom, instead of changing things up and possibly succeeding in a new way. Remember, Leno's new show was supposed to be "DVR-proof", in the same way that new CDs and DVDs are always supposed to be "Internet-proof".

It's never asked, when stupid executives say these stupid things, why exactly investors should throw money at companies determined to make their content phobic to some of the most rapidly-adopted consumer technologies in history.

Now, if you wanna be really depressed, consider that every other powerful institution in the universe is run by people of precisely this average level of intelligence.


Anonymous said...

An Assyrian clay tablet dating to around 2800 B.C. bears the inscription: “Our Earth is degenerate in these later days; there are signs that the world is speedily coming to an end; bribery and corruption are common; children no longer obey their parents; every man wants to write a book and the end of the world is evidently approaching.”

North of 49 said...

Every company should have an official Corporate Skeptic sitting at the boardroom table whose function it is to ask the hard but fundamentally simple questions, like: "What is the rationale for this move?", and "What evidence can you present that indicates the outcome will be the one you expect?"

Why yes, I do believe I'm dreaming. Why do you ask?