Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year Roundup

--Spent the last 2 days (yes, two days) clearing out the hard drive on my desktop -- and freed over 100 gigabytes in the process. Intriguingly, about 3.5 gigs of that was stuff I'd accumulated during my half-dozen years at a pair of Universities. Two gigs of PDFs and other associated text files alone, another gig or so of audio files.

--Winter finally seems to have arrived here in TO, so Vicki and I spent the morning watching the last few episodes of Season One of The Wire -- and holy hell is it as good as everyone says. Friends are lending us season two tomorrow, so blogging might equal no.

--Voyager probes: Best. Spacecraft. Ever. Those things are old enough to have kids in high school, and they're still telling us new things about the universe.

--Neat find, via David Pogue (via my dad): Readability. Really, really useful especially if you find yourself reading long blocks of text off the computer screen.

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