Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So Tablet Jesus descended from the heavens today, and it seems like kind of a damp squib.

I keep waiting for someone to make a tablet that will work well, but it won't be Microsoft, and
Apple annoys me by making a tablet that's far more locked down than anything Gates would dare ship. There's a lot that I almost like about the iPad, but I can't get past the deliberate, malicious crippling.

In about 6-9 months, there'll be a passel of Android-powered devices of similar price and capability. We'll see how they run, and if they're any less hegemonic.

God knows I'm not a representative sample. Maybe 18 months from now we'll all be running the damn things.

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Jon Dursi said...

Great title.

I seem to be the only one on the intertubes who wants one (maybe that means I can get one cheaper?) I want something kind of kindle-sized to read the endless stream of journal article PDFs I want, but that I can also use to check my email, skim through my presentations with, etc.

The various ebook readers would be better for just reading PDFs, with their electronic paper - but it's hard to see using them for anything else, and I don't think the better display for reading text makes up for the lack of flexibility to do other things.

Basically I just want a much bigger ipod touch with 3G, and it looks like that's what the iPad is.