Monday, October 19, 2009


There are, of course, reasonable debates to be had on any number of aspects of e-books and e-publishing. But when you find yourself writing that e-books represent a threat of "holocaustal proportions" and that books are the new Jew (!) you should probably just find a pillow to put your head down on.

There are book snobs, who I'm basically okay with -- hell, I am one in a lot of ways -- but book supremacists, for whom text in the form of, say, graphic novels, magazines, or the web are inferior speciments... man. I just don't get it. To cut yourself off from the firehose of human expression because of narcissism. Sad.


Chasman said...

A real editor from a real publisher on a real planet with real kryptonite wouldn't have let you write that.

Clint said...

Book snobs will eventually disappear - as will most books made of paper. When it comes down to it, the only argument a book snob can present is: "But I like holding it in my hand!"