Monday, June 29, 2009

Smitherman balks

The rumour is that when Ontario's minister of Energy and Infrastructure was confronted with the cost estimates for the new nuclear build, he suffered a severe case of sticker shock. For the nuclear reactors themselves, it may very well be terminal:
The Government of Ontario today announced that it has suspended the competitive RFP to procure two replacement nuclear reactors planned for the Darlington site....

Only the submission from AECL was compliant with the terms of the RFP and the objectives of the Government. However, concern about pricing and uncertainty regarding the company's future prevented Ontario from continuing with the procurement at this time.
This makes Ontario the latest in a long line of jurisdicions that have abandoned nuclear when they get a look at the bill.


Typo Boy said...

John, do you have quick access to the number that caused the sticker shock? I can't find how much more the 26 billion the bid that shocked them was?



john said...

I don't have access to the numbers, no. I don't know yet if those will even be made public.