Monday, March 23, 2009

Products and services, reviewed

--I'm about a month and a half in to using my Sansa Fuze, and I'm loving this thing. I've never been an iPod fan, because of the variety of small ways Apple cripples its gear. The Fuze is small, affordable, and multifunctional. The FM tuner isn't the kind of thing that I would say sells the player, but it's a really pleasant little addition. Being able to listen to CBC podcasts is fine, but sometimes you do actually want to listen to the radio. [Clarification: the FM tuner is hardly unique, but it actually works a lot better and more clearly than other FM tuners on MP3 players I've used. More useability = I use it more.] The interface is relatively straightforward and sleek. If you're the one in 10 people who actually doesn't want an iPod touch, then I strongly recommend it.

--[Warning! Annoying music at link!] One Week is a pretty passable film, actually. Oddly enough, it made me think of a review I once read for the film Dawn of the Dead: "There's something about a bunch of well-armed working class stiffs locked in a mall, fighting zombies, that just says... America."

Similarly, there's something about a cancer patient ignoring the entreaties of his fiancée and the advice of his doctor to drive across the country, knowing that he'll have public health care when he gets home, that says... Canada.

--So far, Watchmen is my favourite movie of the year. But it's also one of only... jeez, four I think I've watched this year.

--U-Haul is just shit all the way down. That is all.

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