Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars

1) I liked The Wrestler too, but I'm not disappointed by Mickey Rourke losing. I haven't even seen Milk, but Rourke's performance isn't what drives Aronofsky's film the way I'm told Penn's does. Good -- fascinating, even -- but a fair call that Penn was better, I'd wager.

2) "You look like you just left a hasidic meth lab" has got to be the line of the night, from Natalie Portman to Ben Stiller (playing Joaquim Phoenix.)

3) The expression on Anne Hathaway's face when they announced Winslet won may be the classiest reaction to losing an Oscar nomination I've ever seen. She seemed genuinely pleased, actually cheering for Winslet. Far more than the polite clap-and-smile that is standard.

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celestialspeedster said...

You failed to mention Hugh Jackman's entertaining hosting gig. I knew Jackman had it in him but he exceeded my expectations. He even mentioned Wolverine during his song and dance routine. It was one of many excellent moments.

Anne Hathaway is a classy broad. Her Frost/Nixon routine with Jackman showed more chemistry than Jackman's performance with Beyonce later in the evening.

I could keep gushing but, in short, it was one of the best Oscars in recent memory.