Saturday, June 28, 2008


This is the most extraordinary animated film I've seen in years. And the most extraordinary film of any kind I've seen this year. It is eerie, cutting, sly, traumatic, hopeful, funny, and an indictment of our ideas about progress, technology, and our ability to solve problems.

And it's fun for the whole family.

There's a scene at the end that ranks pretty high on the Bambis-mom-ometer in terms of childhood film sadness. I was trying -- and mostly succeeding -- to keep my shit together until a plaintive cry went out from one of my fellow audience members (no older than 6, my guess) asking "what's wrong with WALL-E?" Oh lord did I lose it.

I wonder if the legacy of expensive processor time makes Pixar more economical with it's animation than other firms? I lost count of the number of scenes in this movie that spoke volumes in a few seconds. Intro shot: we zoom past a dead, dry, abandoned landscape as wind turbines sit still around mountain valleys of trash. Volumes about the futile efforts to address symtoms, not causes. We pan across the portraits of ship captains that get fatter and live shorter with every passing generation. Volumes. We see the latest captain engage in a herculean struggle to press the off button on the cherished technology. Volumes.

It is also a movie that is largely dialogue-free, leading to some incredible characterization by the animators and voice actors. Oscars for all involved with this picture, or I burn shit down.

Go see it.


Mike said...


I took the hole family, all 5 of us, to see this tonight.

That voice? In my theatre it was my own 2 1/2 year old son

"whad’z happppening to himmmm?”

Awesome movie. Loved it.

Declan said...

I thought that all the receded coastlines when they zoomed in on earth showed a nice attention to detail.

Good movie.

celestialspeedster said...

My eyes started tearing up within the first 15 minutes of the movie over the state of the Earth and then over its lone, stalwart janitor. From then on, I pretty much cried through the whole movie, with a break in the middle during the action sequences.

I loved Wall-E but it is inevitable that I will encounter someone who will dismiss it as just another kid's film. This prospect is already bringing my blood pressure up.