Monday, June 23, 2008

Shifty brown people trying to steal our bodily fluids

You would think, based on reading the two columns this weekend from Christie Blatchford and Thomas Walkom, that they were talking about two different trials. Indeed, two different trials on two different planets! But no:
And of course there was; the court has heard evidence up the ying-yang that there was just such an enterprise afoot. Was it the finest plot ever? Oh hardly. Were its members variously bumblers, what those who hang around courts call “yutes” or raving hotheads? Absolutely. But there was a plot.
Meanwhile, Walkom:
Paid $300,000 by the RCMP to infiltrate the cell of alleged terrorists, Shaikh is the sole source for many of the sensational charges levelled against them – including claims that they wanted to blow up nuclear plants and storm Parliament.

If, as the Crown now suggests, this RCMP agent can't be believed, what happens to the government's case?
You'd also think they're on different planets because, while Walkom actually writes about, you know, what happened in the courtroom, Blatchford writes about how Muslims make her feel all icky.
Well, guess what? Seven of those arrested that day have since had their criminal charges stayed or dropped, one is on trial now, and 10 others remain charged. Recent convert or raised in the faith, white or brown or black, guilty or innocent – the one sure thing is that they are all Muslims and that faith was what bound them together.
Ooh, good deduction there Christie. Some alleged criminals are Muslim, therefore Islam is criminal. Rarely spelled out so clearly by our pundits, but nicely done.

Let's try a few more of these out:

Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian, Hitler hated Jews, therefore vegetarians...

Timothy McVeigh was a white Christian, Timothy McVeigh was a terrorist, therefore white Christians...

Christie Blatchford is a journalist, Christie Blatchford is a disgrace, therefore journalists...

It's really too bad the Globe decided to give column inches to someone one step away from NRO.

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