Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Night Linkdump

From Tom Engelhart: Iraq 4 evah, baby!

Michelle Obama, still refusing to use the word "whitey". Hell, I've probably used the words whitey, honkey, and cracker more than she has.

John McCain, still crazy and attracting the crazy. My fave:
A few paces away, I catch up with a man named Ron Saucier and a woman who would only identify herself as Mary. Ron says his problem with Obama is the integrity thing. "He exaggerates too much," Ron says. "He's not honest."

"OK," I say. "What does he exaggerate about?"

"Well, like that time he was saying he had a white mother and a white grandmother," he says.

I ask him how this is an exaggeration.

"Well, he was saying . . ." he begins. "As if that qualifies him to . . ."

Despite my repeated prodding, Ron seems unable or unwilling to say aloud exactly what he means. Finally, his friend Mary, a grave-looking blonde with fierce anger lines around her eyes, jumps in, points a finger and blurts out one of the all-time man-on-the-street quotes.

"Look, you either are or you aren't," she says.

"And he aren't," Ron says, nodding with relief.
Artificial diamonds!

What Thoreau said:
I mean, surely the people in the Bush administration must have some worthless relative who lies about everything and can never manage to hold an honest job. Once you learn the type it’s easy to spot.

And then it hit me: These guys are the relatives who lie about everything and can’t hold honest jobs. They felt a natural kinship with him but were too stupid to realize what that meant.
Planet X: Still out there, somewhere?

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